First GO Balance Bike Cream

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OBSESSED! First-Go bikes for the littles… leather, baskets, handlebar bells… TOO ADORABLE!!!

 The FIRST GO! Is a well-designed Balance Bike for kids aged 2,5 to 5. It supports children's natural motor skills and encourage them to use their own balance and body to move forward.

The FIRST GO! is a safe and durable balance bike without pedals, chain or training wheels. It is the perfect choice for a first bike as it supports the development of your child’s natural motor skills and encourages them to use their own balance and body to move forward. Cycling from an early age benefits all children,giving them the mobility and confidence to transition to a pedal bike without ever needing stabilizers.

Our push bikes are designed with a classic, child friendly frame, height-adjustable saddle and handlebars for easy, individual customization to match the growth of your child. Our Balance bikes are ideal for letting the small ones join in on the ride to the park. 

-Ergonomic and comfortable seat

-Adjustable saddle height

-Smooth child-friendly steel frame

-Safety bell

-Adjustable handlebar

-Wicker basket

-12” wheels