Lotions + Potions Blush Gift Set

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 Luscious hand cream & a petite perfume tucked inside one of our fashionable jewelry bowls.. stylish gifting for all!

Patina Vie Lotions + Potions Gift Set includes: 

-Always in Rose petite hand cream.  Delicate infusions of blushing Rose, Hibiscus & warm Amber leave skin deliciously fresh. Dimensions : 1" SQ x 3.75" L.  Fill weight : .33oz

-Always in Rose Petite Luxe Eau De Parfum.  A breath of timeless beauty.. blushing Rose, Hibiscus & warm Amber sunlight. Dimensions : 1.75" SQ x 1.5" H.  Fill weight : .16 fl oz. 

-Patina Vie Garnet Tidbit Bowl