Paradise Street: The Lost Art of Playing Outside (Vintage Britain)

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Nostalgic photographs that celebrate the lost freedom of children playing on the street

Half a century ago, 'playing out' was expected of British kids who came together, in all weathers, to run, jump, skip, swing, kick, fight and climb - usually unsupervised. With growing fears over children's vulnerability in modern society much of this has been lost. 

Paradise Street brings together the work of many photographers including Shirley Baker, Martin O'Neill and Paul Kaye, most of whom lived and worked among the people they photographed. Spanning the early '30s to the late 1970s, these images are a celebration of community, trust and friendships, showing how attitudes towards children's safety have shifted over the 20th century. 

Featured photographers include: Roger Mayne, Shirley Baker, Paul Kaye, Robin Dale, John Gaye, Henry Grant and David Lewis Hodgon. All images are from the archives of Mary Evans Picture Library.

 by Mary Evans Picture Library